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Tour Leaders

Roland Oehme, Naoko Oehme, and Achim Muller will be your exclusive tour hosts offering their special design knowledge and insight gained from many years of practice in landscape architecture, as well as travel to Germany visiting its significant buildings, parks, gardens, and garden shows, and people pleasing service to make your trip with us fun and enjoyable.

Roland Oehme – Tours Director

The founder and main tour leader, Roland Oehme, was inspired by his many trips to Germany with his dad, Wolfgang Oehme, a well known landscape architect and originally from Germany. Together father and son visited the amazing Federal Garden Shows where Roland saw firsthand how first rate urban parks are designed. They both also experienced many botanic gardens, arboretums, parks, and well designed cities and towns in Germany . Now in his late 30's and a practicing landscape architect himself (see, Roland, wants to share with other Americans the beauty and progressive ideas and designs he saw in Germany, hopefully inspiring more green and innovative thought and built projects here in the US. Roland is a dreamer who is organizing this tour to bring about positive change in the world. Come and join him!


Achim Muller – Tours Leader

Roland's longtime friend, Achim Muller, brings ten years experience as a practicing landscape architect, specializing in urban design to the team. The last five years he has been employed in The Netherlands at Stijlgroep (see so he has an intimate knowledge of European concepts and practices. He has been traveling with Roland in Germany the last five years and has experienced much of the innovative concepts there. Achim is fluent in English, Dutch, Spanish, and some German.



Naoko Oehme – Tours Assistant

Roland's wife, Naoko Oehme, has much interest in design having a Master of Fine Arts degree from her native Japan . In Japan she worked for a tv show designing the shows' stage sets. Now she splits her time building websites and working retail. She will be able to provide you with any assistance on this tour.


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